My pitch for Pokemon Gen IX: Pokemon Spirit and Soul

Everyone’s got one idea for a Pokemon in them. Mine’s a Grass/Rock Peacock that instead of an intense plumage of feathers to attract mates carries a massive rock that it uses its chisel-like beak to carve extravagant designs into.

But how many of us have a full pitch for a Pokemon region in them? I do. Let’s hear it.


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The worst hit song of the decade (2010’s)

Yeah I’m ahead of schedule, maybe something truly awful will happen in the next 4 months before we all spend a week crossing out “201…” whenever we hand-write the year. But I’m a gambler at heart, and I’m willing to place my bet now.

Image result for 2010's

Googled “2010s” and put the first image I found here because I don’t want any thumbnail previews for this blog post to accidentally spoil the big reveal that’s a thousand words away.

This is a big tag to give a song, an arbitrary one?, perhaps; but it’s a big arbitrary tag. Over 2000 songs broke the top 20 in the 10 years we’re qualifying here, and that’s ignoring all the songs that didn’t break the top 20 but still made a major impact on pop-culture. This can’t just be something you dislike, it’s not even enough to be something you truly hate, it has to be something that reaches a special level place in history as a representation of an underlying grossness of the time period. A song which carves a niche as the truest representation of why future generations should be grateful they were born in the time they were. A song that historians of the 2070’s will look back and think “no wonder these people hated themselves”.

The job of lists like this beyond entertainment is to claim the rightful heir to a place in the history books, that’s important to establish up from. We’re not sorting the worst hit songs of a genre, if so the top of the list would be whatever betrays it’s traditions and aesthetics. We’re not sorting the worst hit songs of an artist, that would be whatever contradicts their image and their appeal. We’re sorting the worst hit songs of a unit of time. So the important questions are what the songs say about the people who had an effect on the public eye. What song reflects on the formless “artistic leaders” of the 2010’s the worst?

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Labrinth, Sia, Diplo presents… LSD. It’s not you, it’s me (that was enabled by you).


Screw this album.

Not because it’s bad, it’s not an unenjoyable half-hour of your life, it fact at worst I’d give this collection of tracks a 7/10. The music that Labrinth, Sia and Diplo have curated on this project lacks any major underlying issues and at some points reached astronimical highs that rank amongst the absolute gold-standards of the Medium (see: the finale of Audio, an absolutely dazzling descent into poigniant calamity that captures the power music has to move us in a way unlike anything I’ve heard before.).

What I hate about this album is, well, the album.

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